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About Editions:
Each piece produced by AP is printed in a limited quantity (editioned). The process involves the creation of the copper plate, which then acts as a vehicle for the voids created by etching, engraving, mezzotinting, aquatinting, etc. The plates are then printed and modified as needed during a proofing process to achieve the desired Master Proof. From there, each print pulled is held to the standard of the Master Proof before being included in the edition. Each editioned print is then hand signed and numbered, embossed with the official AP chop and logged in the Archive of AP prints. When the edition is complete the original plate is struck, never to be reproduced again.

AP prints are hand pulled on our Griffin or Praga Etching Press using the highest quality papers and inks designed to last lifetimes. Antiquated Press prints are made using methods that are hundreds of years old, producing a product that is both aesthetically pleasing but also a unique tactile experience.


The 2013 Series "Clockworks 13"
   "Since this is my first Intaglio series produced, I wanted to make something that was substantial. Not the normal 3 print sets I have done in the past. I wanted to do a body of work that fulfilled goals, both in medium and vision.
In order to really explore and demonstrate the powerful and delicate results that intaglio line provides, most all the prints in this series are simple etchings, creating form by using only a blunted needle to layer innumerable lines. This elevates the organic life of line and composition, while avoiding the clutter of effect and process.
I devoted this series to clockwork robots. Not the robots of today or tomorrow, but yesterday.. pre-space age, pre-nuclear age. Back when robots were the manifestation of archaic science and magic. When homunculus were born from bubbling cauldrons and their makers vital essences. Within these constructs I explore the human condition, in a way that can only be done with faceless robots. I feel a connection to each one. Like I built them and sent them into a confusing world equipped for their journey as well as we all are. Which is to say not very well at all."
- Joe Carr

   Beginning in 2015, Antiquated Press will be collaborating with emerging contemporary artists and illustrators to produce editions. Participating artists will be an eclectic group from all over the world that have something uniquely suited to the AP library.

Purchase and Shipping:
Antiquated Press Prints may be purchased at the
Editions Page. We exclusively use Paypal for secure and convenient shopping.
After purchase your print will be shipped within 7 working days (most often the day of the order). If there are any special requests or rush orders please notify us on check out or through our
Contact page.
All prints will be carefully packaged in heavy duty large diameter tubes. If there are any damages that occur during shipment contact us directly to co-ordinate replacement.
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