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The Mission of Antiquated Press is:
To produce unique limited edition fine art prints in traditional methods to the highest quality standards.
To work with emerging and contemporary artists on the production of collaborative editions.

About Antiquated Press:
Antiquated Press was founded in 2009 in order to produce annual print sets by the artist
Joe Carr.

In 2011, Antiquated Press began the retooling process to exclusively create fine art prints using
intaglio methods. While maintaining reverential respect for the medium, AP is primarily a non-toxic print shop. We use environmentally friendly chemicals and approaches during the print making process. Each editioned print from Antiquated Press is hand pulled, by the artist and print maker Joe Carr.

The Antiquated Press Studio is located in the woods between Wasilla and Palmer Alaska in the magical land known as North Lakes.

If you would like to visit the old Antiquated Press website follow:
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