Clockworks Complete sets - a picture story

So there are a very select few sets of the entire clockworks 13 series available. THese sets have all matching numbers and are shipped flat. 

I have gotten some inquiry on these sets and of the few set aside there are even fewer left available. to find out more about purchasing go the the editions page:

I packed up a complete set last night and took some photos. 


Each print is individually wrapped in newsprint, then packed in a protective dense board taco thing which is carefully taped together and placed in a sealed mylar bag - since there are large and medium sized prints in the series I end up with two sealed bags



this particular set is numbers 8 - the complete sets are made up of the low number editions. 


The completed mylar envelopes are stacked on a  half inch maple hardwood board. Brass through bolts are placed on the corners to attach aluminum straps. The pouches are protected with a thick high impact lexan sheet. And an exclusive AP clockworks home page edition is placed under the lexan.


The straps are tightened down with brass thumbscrews to make it easy to dismantle when it makes it to it’s forever home. 

Then I pack this in a super high density box specifically made to its dimensions with room for plenty of packing paper. The entire thing has been tested with hits, drops and impacts and has survived without a dent or scratch. Also makes for a pretty sharp package to open up. 

SO yeah.. there you go - that is what a complete set flat shipped looks like.