Pupdate 11-22-13

Well, I tried… I TRIED! but I failed.

I like to really consider it less of a fail than probably having too high of goal set before thanksgiving. I wanted to put out holiday card sets - you know, some sweet AP card with some drawings on them. But alas with some other projects I have going on and with filling orders and (excuses excuses) I cannot really finish them. I have them all drawn and let me tell you what, they are some really cool holiday cards. But no go for actually hand printing them up and getting them available. Besides it really is late to be ordering Christmas cards.

So basically there will only be one Holiday card made, a very special card that is going to all the incredible people who have supported AP this year in so many ways. I am pretty excited about this card, and due to the fact that i have all your addresses (bwahaha) I can mail you guys stuff without rhyme, reason or a heads up (I may go crazy and start sending dirty laundry.. WHO KNOWS.. LOOSE CANNON). So yeah, that’s rad.

We are now less than a month from BIG NEWS day. I would start a countdown but countdowns are cheesy. So instead I will just mention here in the depths of this post that probably one 1-2 people will read.. (don’t tell anyone else) Next week the Antiquated Press editions shop will be free shipping (both domestic and international) it will stay that way for a couple weeks. Kinda a holiday shopping thingy of sorts. So yeah, boom! Christmas card (singular and not for sale but still cool) free shipping and maybe just maybe some other neat surprises before December hits.

Not bad for the worlds tiniest low brow print shop.

Your Pal,