The final release of Clockworks 13 is posted. Which means that the whole of the series is now available. Thirteen editioned etchings. It was a pretty incredibly journey and although I am a bit sad to see it finish, I am very excited about what is coming now that Clockworks is over.

Well over is not quite right, there are a bunch of things that will be showing up on the site over the next week or so. For example the process film for the Stars plate, which I was lucky enough to score the skills of my incredibly talented son to direct the project. I will also be posting a ton of photos, behind the scenes action capturing the intense excitement that is intaglio print making. (I am not sure if “intense” is the right word.. but you get the idea)

Additionally we have some pretty crazy swag relating to Clockworks 13: Buttons (actually just calling them buttons is an understatement.. more like little pinback robot parties), Shirts (yes the shirts are coming back), Totes, Pillows, Stickers, Cards… and action figures (no not really action figures, but that would be really cool)

Also on our facebook page I will be giving away a bunch of prints over the next couple weeks - so if you would like an original etching, but cannot afford it… keep an eye on our FB.

Finally, everyone who has supported and encouraged this endeavor has my eternal gratitude. I thank you all, working on this project is just the start - Clockworks 13 is a complete series.. but it is also just the first chapter in the Antiquated Press story.