Joe nonsense about release three and an omnibot

It’s been a bit of time since I posted, so I figured it would be a good idea to post some kind of update about AP and the Clockworks series.

Well release three will be up next week. It is a little different than the first two, in as much as it is pretty much only one print but in 4 different forms. It is a triptych, which is a way fancier word than the release is gonna be. SO yeah, not fancy but fun, it is a fun release.

It is equal parts exciting and anxious when trying to figure out how to pair up and tell the clockworks story in the releases. So since I had the extra break between 2 and 3, and 4 is the last, I decided it is the time for a fun print with a fancy name. The last release will be 4 prints again, totaling out to 13 etchings in the Clockworks series.

The fourth and last of the Series will be out by the end of August. Makes me a bit sad thinking about Clockworks being over. Luckily that is not the end of AP, no way. Lots of pretty neat things on the horizon.

Some current infos:

- So far top country ordering from AP is…. UNITED KINGDOM! thank you to all my friends across the planet for the support.

- Top Cities for orders are: Los Angeles, followed by New York Then Hollywood and Toronto. So those four Cities are on the official AP “Cities with good taste” list.

- We have had some really interesting customers. Including the editor for one of my favorite tv shows and the casting director for several shows I have not ever seen. An Olympic Athlete and many outstanding artists like Terry and Eric Fan, Nichole Lillian Ryan, and John Tibbott

OH RIGHT!! for those who have endured reading this far.. part of the reason why R3 is not out this week is because of TSHIRTS. with R3 we will finally have pre-orders available for some sweet AP swag. And as a tshirt guy, I promise these shirts are going to be way rad. WAYRAD! Additionally orders for R3 will be the first to be getting some other yet to be announced fun stuff thrown in. And just between you and me.. we will be posting a link on our AP facebook page which will give FREE SHIPPING for only a couple days next week after R3 goes live. Yeah it may sound cheesy, but I am one of those guys that really likes a gimmicky free shipping deal.

Finally, I ran across this photo at the bottom of a miscellaneous box this week, it shows that my unbridled adoration for dome headed robots began Dec 25th 1985 - I still have my omnibot.

Thanks so much to everyone who has followed, supported, encouraged and inspired Antiquated Press. YOU’RE THE BEST, I love you all.