Crypto Accepted Here

Howdy all,

It my regular rare post just to check in and let everyone know, yes I am alive. I have been busy but with work outside of AP releases. Although that is not entirely true and a release in the next few months is a certainty. Something I am very excited about too.

But this post is about the new crypto function added as a purchase option. Holy cow crypto!! for an antiquated guy who loathes working on a computer.. accepting this state of the art digital currency seems odd. But whatever, I am a true believer in the future of blockchain. I sincerely feel it will impact not just how we use money, but how everything will work in the future. SO yeah I AM STOKED to offer up checkout via Crypt

Now because this is all super new, it does have some pitfalls. I am using the Coinbase merchant service. And coinbase is great and all - but damn if it isn’t bare bones. At this point I don’t even get a shipping address. So be sure to give a solid email so I can contact you after checkout to get shipping info.

Also it is limited at this point to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherium and Litecoin. Which is a bummer because I am a fan of the Altcoins.. but beggars cannot be choosers and coinbase will be adding more crypto options in the future. That being said If you wanna pay with Monero or NEO or some other Crypto not listed..(not Bitconnect or other shady tokens tho) just shoot me an email and we can do it wild west style.

Oh the other thing is there is no function to build in shipping costs or have multiple prints in a cart to checkout (lame right?)- so every print is listed with a flat $15 dollar shipping and packaging fee. This is handy if you live in Dubai as you’ll get a sweet shipping discount. BUT if you are purchasing multiple prints, you’ll do them one transaction at a time and pay that fee multiple times. Again, if I get orders like this I will refund you the unnecessary additional shipping fees. Again, not perfect.. but all of this is super new so its understandable. I am working with coinbase to get these shortcomings corrected.

Email me if you have any questions, or if you notice any weird errors.

Stoked to be free of the chains of traditional transaction systems!!

viva la crypto!!