Best things: Nichole Lillian Ryan and her Marvelous Tiny Totems

So, there is a bit of backstory here. I will try and do my best to make as brief as possible. I love my dogs, well our dogs. Gizmo and Wallace. Wallace is a 7+ year old great dane with a heart of gold and the personality of a very catered to prince with a slight depressive disorder. Gizmo is Sally’s dog and her constant faithful companion. He is excitable and pretty much a perfect doggy. 


Wallace and GIzmo are our family dogs and Studio dogs. They are always on the studio couch keeping things real. I think studio dogs are potentially the most vital component of a print shop. But I also just think dogs in general are the kindest most authentic creatures on the planet and i love them.. they are also prone to mistakes and being dumb and I can really relate to that. 

SO yeah, thats my dogs

Now part two of this here post. See I meet all kinds of amazing people doing this weird shit I do. Making tshirts and prints and that sort attracts a unique crowd. The best kinda crowd. Years ago I was lucky enough to connect with the great Nichole Lillian Ryan - an amazing artist that illustrates and sculpts and does all sorts of magic.. if you are really cool and have great taste you might very well be wearing one of her shirts right now.

Well she makes these amazing Pet totems. that’s right.. and like a genius I ordered little totems of my doggies from her awesome shop for christmas presents for my family.

I received this in the mail today - and I wanted to share. These babies are going under the tree (BUT I couldn’t wait to check them out)


here are the ADORABLE custom boxes they came in - the excitement to open was ELECTRIC


lots of super fun goodies, buttons, a custom tiny canvas, and wicked cool cards. 


And there they are, PERFECT, it’s like my dogs have been shrunken down to action figure size.


my photos do not do them justice, the craftsmanship and attention to detail is amazing. 


Wallace is getting old, and his health is not the best :( :( :( this totem of the best dog that ever was is really important to me. And I cannot thank Nichole enough. He is perfect. 

THANKS FOR THE BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT I COULD EVER GET. all caps authentic.. seriously, they are to be treasured in my studio by myself and my family for EVER. 

last little note: this is the sort of thing you receive from hand made one of a kind artists (Like Nichole) who put little bits of themselves into their work. You cannot get this sort of thing at a “store” and it has more heart and soul than anything in a plastic clamshell or proprietary packaging or corporate endorsement could ever have. Support your local (or non local) artist / artisan / crazy person.